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I see art as a way of making experiental sense of life by the means of that innate creativity. Art can gift us interpretation through our imagination. Making us glimpse into how we make meaning of ourselves and our reality. I would call it the language of our spirit. 

Experiencing art comes from within, that spontaneus reaction you have, or the one that surfaces later, seemingly out of nowhere. 

Then you simply make what you will of it through your own lens of perspective. Nobody can take your experience from you, or correct it, we each have our own gift of perception. 

When we, as creative beings, share our expression we simultaneously invoke the same in others. This is part of why I have created this site.

Art: Image
Art: Pro Gallery
Art: Pro Gallery

Fair Use & Sharing

I would love to have my art shared, displayed and seen. If you wish to use these images please contact me about collaborating.

Kindly do not use, alter or copy my artworks for personal gain.

You may not use any of these images in a public setting, group or webpage without my permisson.

Art: Fair Use & Sharing
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