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I'm a creative by heart, it's just always been there. Creativity is a backdrop to so much in my life. If I can think of it I will also always figure out if I can create it myself. This initial response makes me appreciate and find joy in the world around me. Nature's landscape, trees, the details in leaves, plants, rocks and animals inspire me. Also weather fenomenas, geometric shapes and the many internal images and Knowings I receive.

The creative process can be so much about our unseen layers. The root system of us, a myriad of histories and memories, the least of them from this life. Adding in the component of change and transformation, we truly become so much more than what our senses tell us! As essential earth inhabitants and timeless beings we have the exquisite opportunity to express through form in this current set up. That is what I'm here for. To be part of an ever more diverse, mystical and breathtaking journey through physicality. ​

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